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Apps to Turn your Android phone into Wireless Mouse/Keyboard for PC

Hey Folks, today again we’re here with another amazing “Tips and Tricks” which is To convert your Android smartphone or tablet into Remote or Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Yes, now you can make your android touch screen phone as your touchpad for your PC by using some Android Apps. The Android phone Lovers will Love these Apps and make use of it. This will help so many people to do their work comfortably.


So many people have Questions about “How to access my PC from any android phone“. Use these apps and make easy to access your PC from your android mobile. To make this possible, the Bluetooth and Wifi connection will be established between the two devices (ie. Pc and Android mobile). So, let’s begin with these Apps that makes all these things possible.

Top 3 Android Apps for Remote or Wireless Keyboard and Mouse:

1. Advanced Touchpad

Advanced TouchPad is a great App to turn your android phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse and it will control and manage your laptop or PC. And it comes up with many features that are listed below:

Features of Advanced Touchpad

  • Smiley Keys for people who need smileys while chatting.
  • No need to activate WiFi before starting it and it enables automatically.
  • Automatically detects the computers Ip and no need to manually configure IP address to connect.
  • It is Simple and powerful user interface and user-friendly.
  • It Supports both the portrait and landscape modes.
  • Autorun with Windows feature and no need to do this in Windows 7 right click and run as administrator.
  • Improved sensitivity control from Android Phone.

2. Andro Mouse – Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

Andro Mouse Lite is an another awesome app which will make your Android Mobile as a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard and control the PC.

Features of Andro Mouse – Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

  • Google Speech Recognition facility is available in this app, Which makes an easy navigation.
  • You can connect the android device through the Bluetooth and Wifi connection easily.
  • It has some special Keys.
  • Numpad is also available and many more features like this.

List of Andro Mouse Functions:

Andro-Mouse-Lite-mouse functions

3. Mobile Mouse

Mobile Mouse is also an app which converts your Android Phone as a wireless mouse and Wireless Keyboard. This an awesome app due to some of it’s special features.

Features of Mobile Mouse

  • A unique feature to Hiding the Keyboard by shaking.
  • You can work in Multiple Windows.

Some more Features are shown below:


So, these are the best Apps that i use personally and If you have any doubts feel free to ask. We will clear you doubt.

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