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Beware of This New Url That Will Crash Your Android and iPhone If You Click It

Some of the trolls and pranksters on the social network mainly Twitter users are passing around links, often disguised with URL shorteners, to “” and “’t Open or Test it), a website created in 2015 that immediately crashes Android smartphones, Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.


On the Mac, Safari will freeze (‘Application Not Responding’). You may need to restart your machine to get your browser working again. On some iPhones and iPads, the glitch may cause your iOS device to reboot. The site will also crash desktop versions of Safari if you’re using that. So beware.

Crashsafari was created by Matthew Bryant, a 22-year-old working in application security in San Francisco. “In my spare time I often test how browsers will handle odd code that gets thrown at them,” says Bryant. He stumbled on the bug independently, he says, and made the browser- and phone-crashing sites “purely as a joke.”

A lot of people seem to be falling for it. As of earlier this afternoon, a single link had crashed over 93,000 phones.


What Happens Actually If You Click On CRASHSAFARI.COM?

The page includes a header title (which you’ll never actually see because the browser crashes) and a small piece of JavaScript. The JavaScript calls the HTML5 History API thousands of times in a loop, essentially causing Safari to freeze. The memory will overload and the iPhone will overheat, which causes it to shut down completely.


The website, adds numbers to the address bar as quick as it can like, then /01, then /012, /0123, and eventually /0123456789101112131415… and so on. Each time it adds a number, that web page is saved to your browser history. It then adds up quick letting the iPhone/Android device to manage such an enormous request and ultimately crashes.


Depending on how the website is opened, it will either crash the current app, the Safari browser, or the whole of the system. It will reboot on its own and the prank doesn’t have the ability to install malware or pose any security threats.

How to Overcome this Hack?

Android devices and other iOS products encounter similar issues. If you click the link or URL on Android phone, it starts heating up after about 20 seconds and has problems performing necessary commands. You can overcome this problem just by quitting your Google Chrome browser. But in many situations, a full reboot is the most powerful way to deal with the bug.

It is suggested that you can put your phone in AIRPLANE mode to stop the continuous cycle of adding more entries to the browser history. Despite the link seems to be growing in demand, a WhoIs search shows that the website was registered on April 29, 2015.

While many reports infer that the website is only crashing devices like iPhones and iPad. Some other independent sources intimate that the bug can crash even Google Chrome in PCs and Android smartphones.You could do well to avoid tapping on any shortened links or URLs for a whilst till Apple and Google bring out a new patch the bug.

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